Best photographer badge

Photography is fun, especially at Kadamakudy Islands. When you compose a photo at Kadamakudy, it is an out of the world experience.

Earn Best Photographer Badges

Every week the best photographs about Kadamakudy Islands will be selected by us and the photographer will receive the best photographer badge.

  • The photographs must be clicked by you

  • The photograph must be clicked within Kadamakudy Islands

  • Must not be edited too much

  • The photograph can be shared at Kadamakudy Islands on facebook or to the Kadamakkudy nature lovers WhatsApp group (If this does not work, scan the QR code given below using WhatsApp

After evaluation, we will select the best photographs every week (Monday to Sunday) and publish them here as well as at our page on face book.

As a token of appreciation, the photographers will be provided with the Kadamakudy Island’s best photographer badge.

Periodically there will be special awards for maximum badges and for the best of the best photographs.

Let us enjoy our photography at Kadamakkudy Islands