Next Nature Walk at Kadamakkudy on Sunday, 16th Oct 2022

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An invitation to Quietude...

The best of Kadamakkudy is spending time with Nature, away from the hussle and buzzle of every day life...In nature walks, we do not do anything except walk into the paddy fields of kadamakkudy slowly, without uttering a word, listening and immersing in to the sound of the breeze and birds...Enjoying the beauty in silence. Stopping when you feel like, photographing what you want to photograph, all these along with a person who has done it before and understands the soul and essence of Kadamakkudy and it's nature....

Next Nature Walk at Kadamakkudy Islands on Sunday the 16th of Oct 2022 at 7.30 am to 9.00 am

Duration - 1 hour 30 minutes

Ideal for anyone above 10 years of age who wants to relax at Kadamakudy Islands

Starting point - Kadamakkudy Road, exact location will be informed

Participation fees : Nil. Contributions are accepted, which will be used for Charity / Environment protection work.

From the Nature walk on 5th Oct 2022

Kadamakkudy is different every day. Today morning, it was very cloudy. On cloudy or rainy days, birds do not come out into the open, but still we could hear their sound from their nests. The best tip to get the best out of nature walks is to listen to the nature's sound or silence. That will really help us to cut off from the hussle and buzzle of the daily life...feeling quite relaxed at the end of the walk, wanting to come back again...

For better viewing experience, use a headset

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How to reach Kadamakkudy Road?

Things to do at Kadamakkudy

  1. Nature walks

  2. Photography (Birds, Nature)

  3. Bird watching

  4. Boating through the backwaters

  5. Cycling tour

  6. Kayaking

  7. Enjoy the local Cuisine

  8. Drink toddy

  9. Watch the glorious sunrises and sunsets

  10. Mingle with the local people and events

  11. Volunteer to clean up Kadamakkudy

Things to avoid at Kadamakkudy

  1. Do not litter. Let us maintain Kadamakkudy Islands as a plastic free zone

  2. Do not throw anything into the backwaters, especially bottles and other waste

  3. Reduce noise.Kadamakkudy Islands is the habitat for many migratory and local birds. Now their numbers are reducing as Kadamakkudy is fast becoming a tourst hub. Do not make too much noise as it will scare away the birds.

  4. Ride your vehicles at slow speed, to avoid accidents to self and others, and to reduce noise pollution.

  5. Do not ride without helmets

  6. Do not get into watersports without safety jackets and trained guides

  7. Say no to drugs. Like every other tourist destination, Kadamakkudy also has the presence of drug abusers. Do not fall into it.