Kadamakkudy Islands is ideal Birding enthusiasts. Birding is about watching birds in their natural habitat without disturbing them, where as bird photography is about photographing birds in their natural habitat. According to Cornell lab of Ornithology, 212 species of birds are spotted in Kadamakkudy. This include the local birds and the migratory birds. Birding , Bird Photography and Nature walks can be combined at Kadamakkudy Islands. I prefer nature walks and birding as they are fairly easy, can be combined and do not need expensive gadgets and photography skills.

Are you interested to join us for a nature walk combined with birding through the paddy fields of Kadamakkudy Islands?. If yes, just join the the Kadamakkudy nature lovers group on WhatsApp by scanning the QR code below using WhatsApp, and post a message. You can also call us or WhatsApp at +91 9895372115

Pentax Binoculars

A pair of bonoculars will help to see the birds at a distance without disturbing them. After lot of research I purchased this Pentax U8 16x22 binoculars for 8,200 INR from This is the unboxing video. Will add more details after using it for a while.


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