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Kadamakkudy.org - Community of Kadamakkudy nature lovers

You must be visiting Kadamakkudy islands for it's natural beauty. I am not different.

What is there in Kadamakkudy? That is the question people ask me very frequently. What is there in Kadamakkudy? Kadamakkudy alias Kadamakudy Islands do not have much to offer to the ordinary tourist who is expecting hyper adventure activity. To be honest, kadamakkudy still does not even have a decent hotel yet. Not even a public toilet. Still it has a special charm for the city dweller who want to take a break from huzzle and buzzle of the city life. Kadamakkudy Islands have great things to offer to people with special interests like nature walks, bird watching, photography, fishing, boat rides, kayaking, local foods, toddy shops etc. These can be experienced to the fullest with the advise of frequent visitors of Kadamakkudy.

The whole idea of Kadamakkudy.org is to build a commnity of visitors to Kadamakkudy, who can share their experiences and suggestions with other visitors, thus helping each other to enjoy Kadamakkudy in a very responsible and positive way.

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