About Kadamakkudy

How did that name Kadamakkudy also spelt as Kadamakudy evolve?

Kadal mukkuva kudy – Kadal means sea. Mukkuvar means fishermen. Kudy means the place where one lives (huts). Kadamakudy was a place where the sea fishermen used to stay. That was the most convincing answers. Another view is ….’Kadama’ means duty, ‘kudy’ means drinking. A place where the fundamental duty of people was to drink and be happy. Kadanna (once you enter) koottil (you are in a cage, there is no going back) is another story on the rounds about the name Kadamakudy which is also spelt as Kadamakkudy. We will be using both ‘Kadamakudy’ and ‘Kadamakkudy’ throughout this blog and both refers to the same place.

Cluster of fourteen smaller islands

Kadamakkudy islands comprises of a cluster of fourteen smaller islands like;

          1. Valiya Kadamakudy

          2. Murikkal

          3. Palyam thuruth

          4. Pizhala

          5. Cheriya kadamakudy

          6. Pulikkapuram

          7. Moolambilly

          8. Puthussery

          9. Chariyam thuruth

          10. Chennur

          11. Kothad

          12. Korambadam

          13. Kandanad

          14. Karikkad thuruthu

Kadamakkudy also known as Kadamakudy is just 21 km from the nearest city Kochi. Valiya Kadamakudy is the main island of Kadamakudy islands.

Kadamakkudy islands has a population of 15,823. Males constitute 49% of the population and females 51%. Kadamakkudy has an average literacy rate of 84%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 86%, and female literacy is 82%. In Kadamakkudy islands, 11% of the population is under 6 years of age.

Best time of the year to visit Kadamakkudy

Since I live near Kadamakkudy, I have the luxury of visiting this place almost every day during the good season (after the rains). Based on my experience, the best season to visit Kadamakkudy are from the month of September till May. After the month of May, the monsoon rains start and continue till August-September. Last couple of years the rain pattern have changed. In the year 2021, we even got some rains during the month of November and even during December. Must be the effect of the environmental impact caused by global warming.

Best time of the day to visit Kadamakkudy

Kadamakkudy is at it's best before 8 am and after 5 pm. Once the sun comes out fully, it becomes very hot for outdoor enjoyment.